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Ideas on Male nannies?!

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Abi8 Sun 10-Feb-13 15:29:02


I've started a home business called Maple Mannies and I just wanted some general opinions.

I chose to do a male nanny agency as I enjoy a challenge and I feel that male child care providers are often mis-represented and easily stereo-typed.

I have been working with children for years and I have a psychology and early childhood degree. My partner is male and has been a support worker for years, works part-time with children and is also studying for an early childhood and EYPS degree.

Some Qs:

Reasons why you would employ a male nanny

Reasons why you may discriminate (If you do!)

How you would begin looking for a male nanny/babysitter/tutor/au pair etc

What you expect from an agency

Where you expect to see an advertisement

Thanks in advance for the replies.

p.s i'm not sure if i'm allowed to add my website due to posting rules, but simply google maple mannies if you'd like to have a look. I have placed a couple of mannies so a testimonials page will be up soon Any feedback on the site would be great.

Happy sunday!


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