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Please can I have your thoughts on business ideas...?

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Barelysleeping Tue 11-Dec-12 23:25:19

Hi everyone. I have a few business ideas but wanted to get feedback on whether they were any good really. The first was just a very simple idea to sell basic baby wear and essentials online cheaply but wanted to know what people would class as essentials? The second was a simple baby and kids recipe book with recipes and ideas from around the world with nutritional information (would love to collaborate with others on this) and third one was another simple idea of selling second hand baby and maternity clothes for others and taking a percentage of sale (I see this has been discussed by others already). What do people think? Done to death / too much competition / silly ideas? Honest opinions greatly welcome!

SimLondon Thu 27-Dec-12 23:15:09

I think the first has probably already been done by a lot of others who can do it cheaper than you could (and still make a profit). The second sounds more like a labour of love and something you should do, but not expect to make a profit on.

If you want an idea then investigate slings :-)

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