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gussiegrips Tue 20-Nov-12 20:40:29

I've been lucky enough to have been given support from companies who manufacture goods which are relevant to my physio parties - they have sent me boxes of their goodies on 6 month "sale or return" basis.

I ran a fundraising event on Saturday night - a Giant Gusset Grip, where I trialled my pelvic floor information/stand up comedy combo, and it went really well. Way better than I'd hoped, smashing.

However, no-one bought any of the gadgets.

No-one placed an order.

lots of interest, lots of "that's a good idea" and lots of information seeking - but, no one putting their hands in their pockets.

I told them what the gadgets did, why they were effective, how we were able to offer a discount and also supply a couple of freebies. The goods are great, they are really effective and I don't have any qualms about recommending them at all.

Any hints or tips to turn me into Del Boy would be gratefully received...

Ifancyanewname Wed 21-Nov-12 08:02:43

Gussiegrips, you are just the person I could do with speaking to. I was talking to a friend yesterday who was saying she thinks weak pelvic floors might be the problem when I told her of a problem. Would I be able to pm you, if you think it might be right you might have a sale sat right here smile

gussiegrips Wed 21-Nov-12 08:25:00

Absolutely, PM away!

My plan is to change the world, one fanjo at a time - your pal's will be a good start...

If you have a look at my profile, the website and my email details are on there - if she prefers that to PMing.

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