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Sad that this topic has to exist.......

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BetteNoire Tue 01-Jul-08 16:27:56

but I'm sure it will be useful.

Shame it wasn't around a few years ago, when my lovely DS was being bullied.

I could have done with some advice at the time.

forevercleaning Tue 01-Jul-08 19:22:10

Ditto BN - Let's hope others can get help and advice here though.

2shoes Wed 02-Jul-08 11:28:44

so pleased that mn have set this topic up. ds is 16 now, so hopefully all this is behind us. but it was horrid when he was being bullied. you feel so alone.

waycat Thu 03-Jul-08 16:25:27

You're right 2shoes. Dealing with bullying can be heart breaking, especially when it keeps on happening. It's like a vicious cycel from which there is no escape.

Both my boys have been victims in the past, especially my oldest. They are now 13 and 12, and both seem to have been able to put the bullying behind them - fingers crossed.

It does seem to last an eternity. Sometimes you feel as if nobody wants to know.

I hope this thread will prove to be a useful source of help, information and support.

jenk1 Thu 10-Jul-08 21:10:48

I so wish we,d had this topic years ago when my DS was being bullied, he had a complete breakdown and spent 2 years out of school due to severe anxiety.

But im glad it is here because if it helps children/parents going through a horrible experience like we did then it can only be a positive thing.

choccynutter Mon 13-Oct-08 18:24:13

my ds had it for a while he is 6 but stuck for himself once ... got in troble mind but the bully backed off

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