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4 yr old DD Spat at.

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Helplorditsahardlife Tue 28-Jan-20 00:54:38

I Dont know if this can be classified as bullying but I am not sure where exactly to. post it. I apologize if this is not the right place for it. My friend who normally pick my kids up from.sch told me there was an incident at sch today as she was pulled aside by her class teacher and told that while the kids were on the queue waiting for their lunch, my 4+-year-old daughter was waiting quietly for her turn when the boy behind her moved in front of her and spat in her face totally unprovoked. Thankfully, a member of staff saw what happened and reported it to the class teacher & she asked the boy to apologise and he was excluded from class for the rest of the day. I feel so sad and almost in tears as I was told my daughter didn't do anything b4 or b4 the incident. She wouldn't have done anything after she was spat at as she didn't really understand what happened and she is a quiet girl. I called the Sch to say was not happy with what happened etc and I was told to speak to the teacher & I have decided to cancel my appointment tomorrow morning and go to the Sch instead to see the teacher. I am not sure what more they could have done as they are kids but I am wondering if anyone can advise on this issue pls. Is the day's exclusion enough? I am worried other kids Dont start picking on my girl as she is very quiet.

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