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Bullying parents

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Daisyjack1 Sat 30-Nov-19 22:23:40

I have had escalating issues with a parent at my children's school, almost has stemmed from a playground accident in which a little girl walked out suddenly in front of my child as he was running and fell and broke her arm, confirmation of the incident being accidental was given to me by the headteacher (as the school has CCTV cameras) that this was a pure accident and one in which my child had no chance to stop as she just came out suddenly. I offered our condolences to the parent via the head as she was acting aggressively when she saw me and left it at that. Since this has occurred she has been harassing me on and off and has used her vehicle in a harassing way such as slamming her brakes on in front of me suddenly, pulling out suddenly when she sees me coming and also revving her car suddenly up the back of my vehicle stopping just short of my car (this a friend of mine saw) she has also been harassing me verbally, I called the police due to the stress and the worry and she denied everything, the teachers at the school have treated me in a disgusting way since I called the police, glaring at me like I'm a piece of shit, treating myself and my children in ways that they really shouldn't be, they have no right to get involved in this at all but I 100 per cent feel justified in the action that i took as she just wouldn't stop and she was putting a risk onto my children that could have had far more serious of an impact. She is still verbally harassing me and has yet again pulled her vehicle out on me and it is her starting with all of it. I think that the school support her to butter her up in case she tries to put a personal injury claim in on them and I feel that they would rather it be put to me but I wont be giving her a penny as in real life if that was a car accident it would be her daughter at fault (i know its unrealistic to look at this incident like this but this is how it makes me feel now). I do think that she is looking for some kind of compensation really but my real question is what would others do in this situation as I've really had enough of her cr@p. This is beyond a joke now she has recently opted to become involved in another incident in ( for her own sadistic thrill) which I was threatened by another parent at the school, again the school have done nothing about that too.

areyouafraidofthedark Sat 30-Nov-19 22:29:35

That sounds awful OP. Have you considered moving schools if school isn't supporting you?

Unhappymummy1 Sun 01-Dec-19 01:07:21

Dont want to move schools as my child is year 5 and is quite popular and dont see why I should when they are in the wrong, my child that was involved in the incident is now at secondary school and this they are no longer affecting him but my youngest is the one who is still there and he had nothing to do with this whatsoever, I feel that the school are only worried about the financial impact her 'claims' could have on them. This womans child is in another year group and she twin boys in the year 6 one of them is aggressive and volatile and the other isn't as bad. I actually feel quite annoyed as when one of her kids trashed the school toilets and everyone was talking about her I actually felt sorry for her and she had a face full of shame in the office! I've officially learnt my lesson.

Unhappymummy1 Sun 01-Dec-19 01:16:28

I feel very annoyed at how she has portrayed my middle son (who was involved in the accident) as a violent bully that has done this on purpose (even this has proved to be false via CCTV) he is the complete opposite, he is and already was a quiet placid boy who wouldn't hurt a fly, he felt so guilty for being responsible for this that he shook at home for a week and cried his heart out. A few days after the incident she drove past me on the school run and shouted out of her car window that she was going to 'smash my sons head in', this is the type of person that I'm dealing with.

Unhappymummy1 Sun 01-Dec-19 01:18:28

That she and the school think that this ok absolutely appals me

XelaM Sat 07-Dec-19 01:29:46

You're completely justified in calling the police if she is making threats against your child and harrissing you. Harassment is a criminal offence

chickenfeathers Sun 05-Jan-20 22:38:52

Hi OP. I'm not sure how this situation is for you now - I hope it has settled down. If not, there are two things I would do. Firstly, speak to the chair of governors at school to make them aware of what has and is continuing to happen. If need be, contact your local education authority too.
Secondly, install dash cams in your car front and rear. When this woman pulls out, harasses you etc you will have it recorded. Then contact the police with the footage and ask them to deal with it.
I had a similar situation a few years ago, and I provided dash cam footage to the police. I had to contact them a couple of times, but when they had the camera footage to back up what I was saying, I had no more trouble from the lowlife who was making my life hell

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