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Do I mention this to teacher?

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mumderland Thu 24-Oct-19 17:51:59

Not specially a bullying issue but I wasn't sure which area to post this under.
DS is in Y1 and has told me today that another boy keeps playing "kiss monster" and that he doesn't like it.
I said that's not ok if he's trying to kiss people and they don't want to be kissed so if he tries again just tell him no and tell the teacher. Had the body is his own chat.
Do I just leave it there or do I mention it to the teacher? DS is not great at sticking up for himself (currently being assessed for ASD)
So as not to drip feed this particular child has been bullying some of the other children using physical violence (whether or not that's relevant).

PurpleFrames Thu 24-Oct-19 17:53:50

It can't do any harm to mention it- although they are very young so wouldn't panic he's a future sex offender or anything!!

Paddingtonthebear Thu 24-Oct-19 17:57:00

Yes I would mention it. We had this in reception when some of the boys were kissing and touching the girls and it got a bit overwhelming.Teacher spoke to the whole class about kisses only being for your family at home and that you shouldn’t touch people without permission. Sorted it all out quite quickly

Carparkticket Thu 24-Oct-19 18:00:23

I would mention it. I teach and I would want to know and address this.
I am teaching my son to say no to a cuddle if he doesn’t want it.
Consent is something that we need to teach from day 1 and this boy is likely just playing, maybe even from a book, but a gentle word from the teacher can only be a positive thing.

mumderland Thu 24-Oct-19 18:01:08

I didn't want to be one of those parents!
It just makes me feel uncomfortable, I know I can't control everything that goes on at school but I am trying to teach my DS that his body is his and I wouldn't be happy if he was the one doing it

purplepalace Thu 24-Oct-19 18:03:38

My DD told me (years after!) when in R the boys would trap the girls in the 'maze' on the playground and only let them out for a kiss. She said she'd dodge them and run and then once a boy caught her sleeve and managed to kiss her (at 15YO) she thought it funny, I was a bit horrified (at the thought of my little girl being trapped and harassed)

Apparently the girls then all got together and told the boys they would no longer be their friends if the kissing game continued and it stopped there.

I'd have definitely mentioned it to the teacher if I'd known at the time (although she seems to have been unfazed by it) and all the lads in question have since grown up to be decent respectable teens smile

LadyMonicaBaddingham Thu 24-Oct-19 18:14:50

Please mention it, the teacher needs to know and if your DD is not very confident or assertive then it may be the only way the teacher will find out/be able to help.

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