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Adult bullies

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sheknowsyouknow Thu 24-Oct-19 16:23:16

I feel like every time I pop on to this site it’s something negative so I do apologise. But I’d love some advice please?

This isn’t about my DC being bullied although it stems from it. Basically, my DC had a hard time at a primary school and it was dealt with badly repeatedly so we ended up sadly having to go through the complaints procedure merely to get what we needed to move on.

Roll on several years later and I wish I could say it’s been easy since. It was a huge relief to get away from such a weird and unhealthy environment there but we can’t seem to completely start again as certain school staff went round gossiping about us/our child and making things up I presume as damage limitation.

We stuck to what was requested at the Hearing and therefore did not tell anyone what was said there. Though actually our complaint was upheld which seems to have seriously p***ed them off.

I get nasty looks even now locally from people not even involved and lots of passive aggressive behaviour. It’s affected my DC’s life a lot with persistent lies. One lady who advised us before the Hearing and disliked the school too has turned and is behaving appallingly spreading rumours.

We saw her the other day and she sneered at us. I have absolutely no idea why.

At the end of the day, my DC was bullied, including being beaten up and they seem cross that we stood up to it.

The frequent nastiness really gets me down as we haven’t done anything. It’s actually made me feel unwell. Feel like I can’t get away from it. They are a real bunch of bullies. What would you do?

Seniorschooldesperation Wed 12-Feb-20 07:32:48

I’m on this board atm op because I’m going through something similar myself. How are things now? flowers

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