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Issues in reception

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Singlemom82 Tue 15-Oct-19 06:07:36

My son four year old son has just started primary school, since he’s started I’ve been repeatedly called in due to my sons behaviour. He’s been having meltdowns and the school has been telling me that he’s playing too rough at lunchtime, and there have been reports of him hitting children at lunch, kicking punching and spitting. The whole time I’ve been made to think it was him and that there is something wrong with him, the teacher seems to think he has an anger problem.

My son does sometime have meltdowns but normally they are for a reason, the school have been telling me they are out of no where. Whilst my son is no angel I have never had any complaints of him being too rough and always plays nicely at parties and at nursery.

I took him to a party at the weekend and it became apparent that there were two children that are picking on him. He played nicely the whole time but one child in particular had to be pulled off him three times, at one point he was lying on the floor whilst this child kicked him in the head. This child sits next to him at school!!

I can’t believe that the school has not picked up on this, I’m not suprised the poor thing had been having meltdowns it’s probably all too much for him to take.
Today there was an altercation in the playground and after this my son went into free fall kicking and screaming at the other children unprovoked.

I don’t know what to do, the teacher can’t see me till Wednesday as she’s busy, can I ask to observe him at lunch to see what’s going on?

He sobbed his heart out tonight at bedtime as he said one of the children didn’t like him, he seems to have trouble vocalising what’s been happening even though his speech is excellent.
I feel awful as I’ve also been telling him off at home, can what the teachers have been reporting to me be so different to what I saw at the party?

KRAmum Tue 15-Oct-19 06:27:58

I feel so sorry for your ds. Children can be so mean sometimes. Speak to the teacher and definitely the observation. I hope you resolve this

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