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13YO DD pushed down stairs at school and threatened verbally to be stabbed

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mommamonkee Fri 06-Sep-19 11:07:13

13yo DD was pushed down some stairs and verbally threatened to be stabbed by a boy in one of her classes yesterday.
There was a very minor incident between the 2 in class about 30 mins before the pushing which was witnessed by the teacher and dealt with.
School have excluded the boy whilst the investigation is on going, its been reported to the police as the threat of violence is too much I feel for the school to deal with alone.

does anyone have experience of what will happen going forward, will my DD be expected to be in class with this boy after its all be investigated? is there a chance the boy will be permanently excluded?

just for added information I am under no illusion my DD is an angel, far from it , she admitted to the initial incident ( which involved her telling him to go away and making contact with his person with a homework diary) and knows she should have handled it differently , and both her version and the version from the head of year match up as he had information from other staff and students.

thanks for reading

Skyejuly Fri 06-Sep-19 22:12:20

I would (and have!) Phoned the police. Things get sorted faster!

Anotherusefulname Fri 06-Sep-19 22:22:57

I can't offer advice but please reassure your daughter she is safe.
I am going back 20+ years but I had a knife held to my chest and a boy threatening to rape and stab me when I was at school in a cookery lesson. I hadn't done anything to him it was a sport to make me cry in lessons.
All that happened was he was moved classes. I still suffer with anxiety now as a result (of ongoing bullying).
I hope this is dealt with better.

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