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Y7 teasing heading to bullying

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Iamnobirdandnonetensnaresme Thu 31-Jan-19 18:00:42

Y7 dd is 12.
She is having issues with kids teasing her about a boy. They boy is a friend and they have lots of classes together and a mutual interest that is shared with a couple of other boys too.
This ‘teasing’ started as one or too comments about how this boy likes her, it has moved to being constant commentary to today with blatant whole class going on in a lesson about it, shoving the boy towards her etc.
The advice I gave when it was one or two people was to be blunt with them and tell them to stop, these were ‘friends’.
There have been comments on whatsapp(which she doesn’t have for this reason).
She is very emotional about it tonight. I’ve asked for the head of year to call me.
DH is upset as he hate her being upset, doesn’t have any experience of being picked on at school(🙄) and is say just ignore them, tell them they are just jealous etc.

I don’t want to cause more problems with her being a ‘snitch’ but I want her to know we have her back and she doesn’t have to put up with this, I don’t want either kids to feel like they can’t be friends because of the immaturity of others.

Advice please

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