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When is ASD diagnosis bad for child (bullying)

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Allusernamestakenbutthis Tue 29-Jan-19 06:59:20

Hi, assuming a child is high functioning and is bullied, have you experienced teaching staff suggesting it's ASD child misunderstanding situation and dismissing your concerns. Are they believed? Has ASD diagnosis ever been a hindrance rather than a help?

SD1978 Tue 29-Jan-19 07:03:47

This is a really hard one- and I'd imagine based on a case by case scenario. Without specifics, it's hard to say- but also understand why you'd not feel comfortable giving specifics. ASD children can be very literal, and they may misunderstand social scenarios- also some children can pick on them for this which is straight out bullying. No child, NT or not should be made to feel unsafe or picked on though- other children should be educated on why their responses are innapropriate and how they should act/respond.

Allusernamestakenbutthis Tue 29-Jan-19 07:28:25

DS suspected ASD/borderline experienced bullying last year. After first reprimand we returned with examples to explain bullying had not stopped. Teacher suggested he misunderstood situation eg:

1. When 4 kids left a lunch table for 8, DS was told table likely full and other kids did not have enough space. Note this was a v small school and year groups sat together.
2. After kids told off for numerous incidents was told DS not helping himself by sitting and reading on his own/not comfortable socialising with them.

Note DS is in a new school now and has some great friendships, although they have taken a term to build.

School now suggesting DS brother also possibly on spectrum. Some very low grade behavioural problems not helped knowing how brother suffered (had to see therapist for six months).

Also note psychotherapist said completely normal to want to be on own and take time for self after being bullied.

Lara53 Fri 01-Feb-19 14:42:30

Yes all the time in both schools attended. Teachers are quick to blame her for any issues. She has also had issues with local kids on her street and they have taken advantage/ got her in trouble. She is no longer able to play out at home due to this. Senior School will be interesting, though the one she’ll go to has a unit where she’ll spend most of her time.

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