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Reported name calling

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BlitheringIdiots Sun 20-Jan-19 22:49:30

My DS13 experienced low level bullying in primary school. All good in year 7 senior school. Now in second term of year 8 and he's being called silly name in class by three boys. It's not a nasty rude word or anything but a play on his, quite boring and usual, first name

I was right to take him to report this to the head of year wasn't I? They will deal with it carefully won't they? I always fear reprisals but if it's making him feel bad then it's wrong not to say anything isn't it? First day tomorrow after we've reported it and I'm bricking it about what Head of year will do. They know how to handle don't they?

I experienced bullying at boarding school so I know how it feels.....

Feeing helpless and apprehensive about tomorrow.....

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