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How to learn to step back

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SJane45S Wed 16-Jan-19 18:10:52

My youngest DD is in Year 6 so in her final 2 terms of Primary. The kids from her school are going to be heading all over the place & she's been offered a place at a school in nearby town after passing an audition that it's unlikely any of the kids will be going to. She's had a pretty rubbish Year 6 so far. She & her old best friend of 2 years fell out at the end of Year 5. Her new best friend last term joined in with a boy that was bullying her & has since very publicly made it clear she hates my DD (including a really nasty WhatsApp message sent out last Friday to everyone they know. She's also told others they can't be friends with my DD. My DD has fallen out the millionth time with her other close friend today over a boy. Thing is, I can't seem to stop asking her for details, giving her advice she doesn't want or telling her where she's going wrong. I'm really stressing myself out & her - I have tried not asking but she tells me anyway & it's usually not the good stuff! I really want to be a more helpful & constructive parent who doesn't magnify her worry & stress! Any ideas?

GreenTulips Thu 17-Jan-19 00:05:54

Speak to school
Let them deal with it
Year 6 is horrid

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