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Teen bullying

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ldent09 Thu 13-Dec-18 15:32:29

My teenage nephew is being bullied at school by what were originally his whole group of friends, there is a ringleader who has gradually turned the whole group of friends against him. He tried to handle the situation himself but it just kept escalating, so my brother saw the headmaster and explained the situation. The head then went and spoke to each of the boys, but nothing has changed in fact now the boys are even worse and now have the added ammunition of calling my nephew a snake. My sister in law is so worried about the impact this is having on my nephew especially in his GCSE year.

Has anyone got any advice on where they go from here?

Badbadbunny Thu 13-Dec-18 19:20:20

Keep a diary of exact & detailed events and keep pestering the head. If it doesn't improve, then escalate it to the governors.

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