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Racist comments

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Lollipopslife17 Wed 12-Dec-18 12:29:39

My son (year 2) was called black chocolate bar by boy in reception yesterday and my son’s friend called the boy white chocolate.

My husband was told by his teacher that they have contacted the boys parents and told them he called my son black chocolate.

I am very angry as this is not the 1st time someone as said this to my son at Sch.i took the issue up with the Sch d 1st time and the Sch called the boys parents and then called me back passing on their sincere apology and said she told the boy to write my son and apology letter which we never got but I just left it as it was the 1st time and and they said the boy is got a bit of learning difficulties.

I Dont know what to do with this recent episode yesterday as I was planning to go to the Sch today but thought I should wait and see if the Sch will do nothing further. I mean I do not know what can done to a child in reception .

But, is it that Schools do not have a procedure in dealing with this sort of racist comments?

What can I do or what can I suggest the school does to stop these racist comments.

SJane45S Wed 16-Jan-19 17:50:03

You need to go & speak to the teacher again - if they're using the same words then it obviously something going around in the playground & it needs to be stamped on class wide. Could a lesson be given on racism - ask?.Unfortunately the same old things & names we remember from being kids despite the world having moved on really positively, still come up at Primary & Secondary - my eldest DD was called 'black b*tch' , 'lezzer' & other really lovely stuff. Don't be afraid of complaining, how else are kids going to learn this is wrong?

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