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My child is being bullied by her teachers child - advice needed

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HipToon Wed 02-Jan-19 12:23:30

If the mother does not understand in words, show her then on the screen! Shoot a bullying over your child, or ask someone else to do it. Show it to her and if further won't undertake something to show it already to the Director of school and if the Director will make nothing then in police.

Sethis Mon 31-Dec-18 14:11:02

Move school now.

Horrible advice based off one bad experience, and a huge over-reaction.

Follow the same procedures you would follow if the bully was any other child. Report it to the school through the usual channels. Stay in contact with the teacher, head of year, and anyone else responsible for pastoral support.

Epwell Mon 31-Dec-18 14:06:28

Move school now. My DD was bullied by the children (more than one) of staff at her school, these children were effectively immune from any sort of punishment. One of them rugby tackled my DD to the ground -
he got off without any sort of punishment at all. Seriously.

lollyp2003 Sun 09-Dec-18 16:23:02

Brilliant - thanks you so much for your advice x

NewName54321 Sat 08-Dec-18 20:23:37

Make an appointment to speak to the Head of Year (unless it is this teacher, in which case go to the Assistant/Deputy Head). Focus the conversation on your child, but make it clear of your concerns regarding who the other child is.

School should deal with it from there.

The teacher knowing it was you who complained should, if anything, be less of a problem than many other parents, as they will actually know how serious bullying is and it will be more than their job's worth to cause you problems out of school.

It may be worth knowing that teachers who have children in their own school often have an arrangement whereby the child's other parent would be the one who deals with the school over things like this, so the teacher may not even be the person the school calls in over this.

lollyp2003 Sat 08-Dec-18 19:05:51

My 13 year old is being emotionally bullied by another girl who she was good friends with until recently. I know teenage girls can be awful, but this one is being really spiteful, turning the other girls against her etc etc. The bigger problem is, the girls mum works at the school and is also one of my daughters teachers. The bully in question seems to think she can do what she wants because her mum is there. I don’t know if her mum is even aware of her behaviour to be fair, but I need to bring it to the attention of the school now as my daughter is broken hearted about it all and rapidly losing her confidence. Any teachers on here have any advice on how to deal with this, given the fact her mum will find out that I have complained about the bully’s behaviour?

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