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What will happen now ?

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holidayingsoon Mon 19-Nov-18 19:16:43

Hi everyone,
I'm after a bit of advice, my daughter is in year 8, she's a very very well behaved child at school and has always had the best feedback from all teachers and never been in trouble, she's won so many awards and is a perfect too. But now there seems to be a bit of a problem happening...
There's a girl who she was friends with at school, not best friends but still, a new girl joined school and her friend started being the new girls friend and being nasty to my daughter. She was sending her nasty messages etc and being rude at school. My daughter was silly enough to keep replying to her messages being a bit rude back. I wasn't aware of this.
On Wednesday i received a call from
Her tutor saying the girls have all been complaining about each other daily before half term, but since half term my daughter hasn't complained but the other two girls come Daily to complain to the teacher that my daughter is being rude and nasty, and they screen shot messages and printed them for the teacher to see. She went on to say as my daughter hasn't been complaining she has to go with what the girls are saying about her. My daughter didn't complain because during the half term I told her to just ignore those girls and not complain to the teacher daily not realising it would escalate. I told the teacher they were hanging up and being rude to her that's why she responded. She told me to ask my daughter to come and see her the next day to
Tell her side of the story.. she then called me back 5 mins later to Say she's read through the messages and the statements and it's petty things and not to worry about it.
Next day my daughter went and told her side and was told that's the end and the girls shouldn't speak to each other.
I asked my daughter to block the girls and show me they messages, she blocked them and with that all the messages got deleted which neither of us realised would happen.

This evening I got call from a different teacher saying this was passed on to her to investigate and she's seen messages of my daughter being rude as well, which is true according to my daughter, but she responded to their nastiness but we have no evidence as the messages have been deleted and the Girls cleverly only screen shot her messages to them leaving out their part. Her teacher said that my daughter sent a poem to the girls saying 'if you hurt me once I'll kill you twice' and my daughters admitted this when she talked to the girls and the girls are claiming to be scared. She said she spoke to the vice principal. But then the annoying thing happened and my phone got disconnected and we couldn't talk again I'm assuming she will call again tomorrow.
I asked my daughter and she sent the girls sent her the poem then told her she accidentally deleted it and can my daughter send it back to her and my silly daughter did.
I'm worried sick and so is my daughter about what's going to happen next and how will the school deal with it. My daughter saying how the girls behave completely normal at school as if nothing happened then go behind her back and complain and make up thinsgs too.
Sorry for the long post, does anyone know what will happen now? Will she get suspended? We can't prove anything unfortunately

holidayingsoon Mon 19-Nov-18 19:17:25

So so Sorry my post is very long

holidayingsoon Mon 19-Nov-18 19:59:51

Bump anyone

Ingenoeruddannet Sat 08-Dec-18 21:13:54

If this is facebook, it is possible to download the messages easily via help center -> privacy shortcuts -> Your Facebook information -> Access your information, and then download everything from there. Since GDPR came into force record keeping in that regard has got a lot tighter (much to my dismay as an engineer, it brings a lot of complication behind the scenes but its good for exactly this reason), so most other services have similar mechanisms in place.

Alternatively if this isnt possible, it may be possible to access the messages using a data recovery program, although this depends on

I) Are they encrypted
II) Phone memory (having less normally means applications are less picky about which addresses to use, things get messy and it can get overwritten)
III) Whether the phone is rooted or not, and
IV) My hatred of apple products poor design... I seriously hope its android.

Best of luck, I think you have a strong case anyways even if you cant get the messages, they (the bullies) probably have on their end, and you can challenge that too.

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