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My Son is being hurt by one child!

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Bubba2018 Tue 13-Nov-18 21:18:02

My son 7 year old has came home since last week with 4 different types of marks on his body.

1. Scratches near his eyes
2. Scratch u see his eye.
3. Grab marks on right and left shoulder
4. A pinch that has a massive bruise around it.

This week I had stern words with his TA and asked them to monitor this and for my son not to play with this one child and also others the play rough. 1st day was a success but then today he came home with a pinch with a massive bruise around it.

My child is not innocent he can be a bit hard a play sometimes but he seems to be the only one coming home with the marks and when I ask who has done it or how he has done it. He seems very scared and has said he doesn't want to say because he will get in trouble along with the person who has done it.

Your advise will be really appreciated

Staceyjas Tue 13-Nov-18 21:19:59

Take photos threaten the school with police if they carry on letting this behaviour continue ! This is so damaging ! Do you know the other child's mother ? Can the school call his parents in !

Bubba2018 Wed 14-Nov-18 20:39:42

I have spoken to the head and also the mother. Not much will change. I am keeping pictures.
They gave promised me they will monitor it and do the best they can so we will see. 😩

Foxglovesandprimroses Wed 14-Nov-18 20:45:55

OK, you need to email the school requesting a meeting with the class teacher. Take the pics with you. Follow this up with an email summarising what was said in the meeting.

If anything happens again, email in requesting another meeting.
And the next time the head. I would expect the teacher to phone the parents and issue sanctions -missing play, writing a letter of apology etc. In my experience, getting everything in writing makes an enormous difference in how seriously teachers take these kinds of complaints.

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