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Bullying at Graveney school in Tooting going unchecked

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Skullbiker Fri 02-Nov-18 11:56:11

Has anyone had any experience of Bullying at Graveney school in Tooting and found the school reluctant to take suitable action My niece 13 has been subjected to bullying for over a year at Graveney school. Despite raising the matter with the school the way they have dealt with the matter has not stopped the bully’s from re-engaging after a few weeks each time. My niece used to love school but is miserable as a result . At one point she had to stay off school which is surely victimising her again as the bully was able to attend school as normal.
The school seem reluctant or afraid to take action to exclude the bullies but quite happy to accept the absence of my niece - presumably to avoid the issue and any adverse publicity and affecting the schools status.
In an incident this week a boy who has previously involved with some of the bullying girls, threatened my niece and claimed he had a knife in his pocket.! ! My niece is very upset.
I will re- post when we see how and if the school deal with it .

toomanyeastereggsurghh Fri 09-Nov-18 20:30:06

Sorry to hear your niece has been suffering. I have no knowledge of the school your are taking about but thought I would just say make sure your niece collects as much evidence of the bullies’ actions as possible. Sometimes it’s very hard for a school to take action against bullies without solid evidence of the bullying. A lot of the time it’s very much “he said, she said” and even if it’s clear from how upset the child is that there has been bullying, without any proof the teachers’ hands are tied.

I often hear of very upset parents that schools are not punishing or excluding bullies but the schools can’t do this without having gone through a very stringent process first and if there is only the word of a child and their parents or even a couple of children they won’t be able to do much.

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