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3-year old being bullied

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emorto01 Thu 04-Oct-18 19:16:29

My ds has just started pre-school - he'a about to turn 3 at the end of this month. Today he came home and told me a girl in his class told him that she was going to kill him and that she was going to cut him. More disturbing is that he told me he wasn't supposed to tell me about it. He said it happened two days ago, and he's been having nightmares so it's clearly upsetting him. I've informed the pre-school, but what should I do now? How can I help him?

Busybee3333 Thu 04-Oct-18 21:29:39

Wow, what sort of things is the other child watching or listening to at home to say she will kill and cut another child up? That is very concerning. Someone needs a serious word with her parents or carers. Is she being allowed to watch inappropriate things on TV, is the initial
thought - you would hope it wasn’t what she was hearing adults caring for her say to each other. Very worrying to hear a 3 year old say something so nasty. Make sure your son knows he has to let you know if she does anything else and that he should never keep secrets from you and if anyone tells him to, he should let you know. Personally, if there were any further incidents I would move my child as I wouldn’t want them being around any child that would say something as awful as that.

MidnightVelvetthe7th Thu 04-Oct-18 21:38:44

You need to tell nursery OP, this little girl may well need some support or intervention.

Your poor DS, tell him he did exactly the right thing by telling you and reassure him.

MidnightVelvetthe7th Thu 04-Oct-18 21:39:27

Sorry I see you've already told them!!

JiltedJohnsJulie Thu 04-Oct-18 21:46:22

I’d talk to the pre-school tomorrow and see what they say.

emorto01 Fri 05-Oct-18 09:51:22

Yeah I think I’ll see what they pre-school say and then react to that. He seemed relieved to tell me, he went to the toilet afterwards and then fell asleep. It must have been weighing him down.

MidnightVelvetthe7th Fri 05-Oct-18 10:33:08

Oh bless him, it must have been scary. Just to say that if it doesn't stop, you can ring the NSPCC for advice.

I know it's horrible for your son and that will naturally be your first response to protect him, but I'm quite concerned about this little girl's life and home environment.

YeTalkShiteHen Fri 05-Oct-18 10:35:27

Oh the poor wee soul, he must have been really scared. I’m so glad he’s been able to tell you!

Definitely bring it up, that is seriously scary behaviour from a child so young and would indicate that she’s in desperate need of intervention and support.

emorto01 Fri 05-Oct-18 10:56:10

The school have just said that they haven’t been able to identify who said those things to him. And my DS can’t or won’t tell me their name. They said they’d put in place some circle time about using kind words and not keeping secrets. And will monitor him closely. I’m not sure how to respond to this.

MidnightVelvetthe7th Fri 05-Oct-18 10:59:51

You're doing all the right things, keeping open communication with your son, keeping his trust so he can tell you, well done.

Keep a close eye on how he is over the next few days x

Aliceisabella123 Wed 17-Oct-18 22:23:30

My 4 year old daughter has just started reception school and is being bullied. The first few days a girl and and a boy punched her I immediately went to her teacher and since then she tells me that books will play with her and if she tries folksy they say go away and things like go to another school we don’t like is a group of girls.
This is so upsetting I’m thinking should I change schools? The area is a rough area where we have been temporarily moved to. I can’t bear the thought of a normally such a sociable happy friendly kind little
Girl being so withdrawn and sad and isolated. It’s heartbraking, don’t know what to do, as I am afraid if I keep her st this school it will have long term affects. She was offered a place in another area previously which is a good area nice kids and she knows a few of them. Should I just change her? As even if the teachers talk to the kids she will still be stuck with these not particularly
Kind children for years.

Myusername101z Wed 17-Oct-18 22:34:51

@aliceisabella123 I would change her school x

SputnikBear Wed 17-Oct-18 22:38:29

Very worrying that a 2-3yo has threatened to cut him. Partly because such small kids have no self control and it’s possible she might actually do it. I wouldn’t put my DS in danger by sending him back to the same school as that child tbh.

Aliceisabella123 Wed 17-Oct-18 22:41:59

Thanks , yes I feel like I should it will be a half hour drive but the most important thing is her happiness and safety. Thanks for reply

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