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Year 7 bullying

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7yo7yo Thu 13-Sep-18 17:37:31

My son has started year 7, this is his first week.
He has had issues in year 6 with bullying and only had 4 others from year 6 in this school.
He disclosed on day 2 that one of the girls from his previous school was following him round the playground calling him names. I spoke to the teacher and she now stays away.
Today however he has told me that he has no friends in his form. They call him loser, laugh at him and generally take the mick.

I know my son he exaggerates and can be irritating but at what point should I go to the school?
What do I do?
How long do I let it carry on?
I don’t want to be the annoying parent who
Is at the school for any reason but equally I don’t want my son to be miserable.

One of the issues is that he’s banned of fortnite (I know) for another week and these boys are laughing at him for that amongst other reasons.

CramptonHodnet Tue 18-Sep-18 10:45:57

In our experience we never did get the bullying sorted out. The school wasn't particularly interested and didn't care about what went on on the bus going in in the mornings or after school.

No matter what the school tells you about their anti-bullying stance, it comes down to very little. A very sad state of affairs and I feel very sorry for your DS.

19lb21 Fri 19-Oct-18 09:19:52

My son is in year 7 and has gone to a different school to his friends.
He is a quiet boy and am concerned about him mixing with others despite saying that he does.
Two weeks into starting he came home with yoghurt down his blazer saying that someone randomly came upto him, wiped yoghurt on him and ran off. He said he didn’t know who it was, which may have been the case as only new.
Yesterday I took his pe kit out to find it wet. He said someone pushed him from behind into the shower causing him to fall on the floor and hurt his risk. Again he said he didn’t know who it was as didn’t see and didn’t ask anyone else if they saw anything.
I contacted the school to let them know due to it being physical, knowing they couldn’t do anything as didn’t know who it was. All I got back from them was “I have forwarded to the sports department”. No reassurance, no we takes matters like this seriously. Doesn’t give me much faith.
It was our 6th choice of school as is very much a “jock” school as their priority is rugby.
I’m concerned he won’t come to me as previously said he doesn’t want me to worry.

Ange2011 Sat 20-Oct-18 15:50:04

My son goes through problems in p.e I have spoken to the school and they are doing nothing about it he as to get changed and needs to have a shower after with him being a chubby boy and he gets laughed at due to development issues they keep trying to take is clothes down all the time and it upsets him I am thinking of getting in touch with education authority and home tutoring him if this carry on

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