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Just a rant to clear my head

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Elk Sat 17-Mar-18 16:52:01

This may be long . My dd has been bullied since her first day of secondary school. The school have tried hard to help but our request for a class move could only happen if someone left this oversubscribed school. This happened last week and the change in my dad is immense. She has just received a message from the person who left the school telling her not to say that her ‘bully’ was bullying her because her bully had her own problems (which I know about although I shouldn’t, got to love indiscreet teachers).

I would love to send the following response. But know I can’t so I thought I could do it here instead.

I am pleased you were dbullys friend. Everyone needs friends in life. Everyone also has rights. Foremost among those rights is feeling safe. Going to school each day not knowing if you will be hit, kicked, pushed over or merely made fun of in front of 30 other people does not meet my definition of feeling safe. When my dd already has an anxiety disorder that only exacerbates the situation. I hope that both d’bully’ and dd get the help they need to move through this situation and the rest of their lives. However, did should not have to lie or minimise what she has been through in order to help either d’bully’ or her friends as that is victim blaming and will help no-one.

ElderflowerWaterIsDelish Mon 19-Mar-18 01:41:08

I would show that letter your daughter received to the school...your daughter move classes to get away from the bully...if that person who wrote the letter is a friend of the bully then it could be meant as a threat to your daughter, as in don't tell or else...tell your daughter to show no loyalty to the bullies and not to protect them or cover for them in anyway, they bullied her, they should face full consequences

I was bullied all through school so I feel strongly about it...

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