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Bullying at school

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ashantidaquan Mon 05-Mar-18 23:22:16

My son is 10 years old and on Friday when I picked him up he had a bruise on his head and his lip was bleeding.
I asked his teacher what happened and she said he had a fight with a few boys at swimming. I was so angry but she couldn't give me further info due to not being present.
In the car on the way home I asked my son what happened, he said 4 boys in his class were calling him names. I asked what happened next, he said he called them names back and all four boys started hitting, kicking and banged his head against the wall. My blood was boiling.
As this was Friday I had to wait for Monday to approach the teacher who takes them swimming.
I spoke to the teacher today, she explained what she thought happened and I told her what my son said. She said it was not true, I was getting to the point of no return. My son is not a liar, I said to her. I asked why the boys are not supervised, she said because of safeguarding. (however the girls are) I said it's clear these kids need supervision. I then told her if there is no supervision I will not allow my son to go swimming.
She told me I'm being dramatic and overreacting.
Q. How would you react if it was your child?

GreenTulips Tue 06-Mar-18 22:43:48

Put a complaint in writing to the head

Explain your sonnis to be excluded from swimming until such a time his safety is guaranteed

seesea Thu 08-Mar-18 20:19:35

Ofcourse you are not being dramatic.

Yes they need supervision.

Yes I would pull your child from swimming until everything was rectified and also write to the governors / Head.

missyB1 Thu 08-Mar-18 20:23:38

It’s discrimination to supervise the girls but leave the boys to their own devices. If she cares about safeguarding she would be ensuring the boys were safely supervised.

Put it in writing to the head, and ask for a speedy response.

Lymmmummy Tue 13-Mar-18 20:09:30

I am sure your son is telling the truth

However obviously I equally appreciate the teacher may have seen things differently or want to ask the others so therefore may not be willing to initially agree with what your son says - fair enough

BUT to that the teacher said you were over reacting would have made my blood boil

Correct response from the teacher should be “thanks for bringing this to my attention I will sit and discuss it with the boys in question “

ashantidaquan Tue 13-Mar-18 23:18:00

The teacher contacted me today to say that he can have a changing room for himself but they still will not be supervised. She also said that the boys said he made some comments about them. I said like what, she said he called them big heads. The cheeky mare then said we all know your son is socially awkward (of course he is he has autism). I have a meeting set up on Friday im so angry. Like this justifys him looking like his gone ten rounds with a boxer. Anyway i asked my son if he wanted to go, he said yes. He said swimming was fine and drama free. He said he prefers to get dressed alone.

Lymmmummy Wed 14-Mar-18 14:17:28

Oh God school teacher sounds pretty awful

There is actually a legal obligation on the school regarding safeguarding - there’s things can not be laughed off or trivialised

Lymmmummy Wed 14-Mar-18 14:18:31

These things not there’s things !!

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