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Should I say something?

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abeautifulmess1234 Mon 05-Mar-18 19:02:28

My DS has been at nursery since September. To be honest it wasn't my decision to send my DC to this school and he will be attending a different school when he goes into reception. The nursery has a large number of children with SEN so they have 3 TA's as well as the teacher. One of the TAs is quite new but is amazing with all of the children, however I am really concerned that she isn't being treated very nicely by the other staff. My ds has told me on a number of occasions that this TA is always being shouted at and in my ds words "they make her do everything and they shout at her and make her sad". I myself have witnessed a couple of incidents where she has been treated unprofessionally and she seems to be looking more sad as each week goes by. I really want to say something, maybe speak to the head teacher, I'm not sure whether it's my place to say something but it breaks my heart knowing that she is being treated so awfully and I'm actually worried that she will leave if she is continually bullied. AIBU to want to go in and see if I can get an appt with the head to discuss my concerns or should I just keep my worries to myself? I don't want to jeopardize my ds place and friendships at nursery but I am finding it difficult to keep quiet. Advice needed. Thanks in advance

MrsVargas Wed 12-Dec-18 14:56:49

I'd definitely say something

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