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Snack time woes; anyone else dealt with this?

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FabSab Sat 13-Jan-18 10:50:07

You ever have one of those moments where you can literally feel yourself getting hot under the collar? And not in the sexy fun time kind of way 😏, only to then question whether or not you’re doing the dreaded and all shameful “over reacting”?! le gasps
Anyway, I had that moment a few days ago when my 4 year old came home from school and told me that someone else ate part of his snack. Now, my first question was, “well, did you give it to them and then felt upset that you gave it away?” Because I know how children can sometimes leave out super important details or even blow things out of proportion. That was not the case. He was genuinely confused as to why someone else ate his cheese stick, and the teacher and teaching assistant did nothing about it. Now I’m confused as well.
Rewind back to October and teacher/parent night. We sat down and teach had nothing bad to say about my son. The only thing she asked is that we, “calm down on the snack food.” I thought this was fair because it was our child’s first time at school and DH was packing his snack at some point, which sometimes consisted of full cheese sandwiches and crisps. I had to explain to him that this isn’t really acceptable and show him how to pack proper snacks. But I did make sure to let the teacher know that because our son was refusing to eat breakfast ( he says it hurts his stomach sometimes to eat so early) I would send him with two small, but HEALTHY snacks. We’re talking apples and bananas, some cereal bars that don’t have chocolate overload 🙃 Yo Yo’s (pure fruit rolls) homemade granola, small zipper bag of popcorn.. things like that. Nothing “insane”. My son would complain that he was “starving” by snack time (around 10a) and then would also be “starving” again by the time school let out 🤷🏽‍♀️ So I figured sending an apple and fresh granola would be good and I would bring a small snack to give him after collecting him. We spoke about this and she agreed it was suitable after hearing the situation. Fast forward to current day and he’s had his cheese stick stolen twice in the same week! I understand they all put their snacks into a box and collect them when it’s time but he’s not had an issue with missing food before. He told the teacher the first time and she did nothing. My husband was doing the school the run the next day and asked her about it, to which she replied, “he should only have one snack anyway but I’ll keep an eye on it..” 🤔 sorry?? She already knew why he had more than one snack and if there was suddenly a problem, a note should have been sent home, along with his snack. Secondly, she’s aware another child is taking my sons food , without permission, and not saying anything about it?! The first time, it may have been passed as a mistake. But it was done twice in the same week! I’m pretty sure this is a problem.. no? My son is still not very articulate and he suffers with anxiety which can cause him to literally jump from one subject to another, mid sentence. So it’s hard to get a straight conversation out of him sometimes. We have tried asking him if it’s the same kid who keeps taking his snack but he doesn’t ever really seem to be direct answer. Now we’re fearful its mild bullying because he simply won’t say a name! That shouldn’t be difficult for him. I don’t want to over react and do what the protective mother in me is advising to do, which would be approaching the head teacher on Monday morning, but at the same time, I’ve spoken to the teacher. My husband has spoken to her, and I’m fearful that this issue just won’t get resolved otherwise. What would you all do? I always love the advice given on MN because it seems so down to earth. I’m interested in what others have to say about this. Thank you in advance.

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