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Not sure this is bullying WWYD

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Lymmmummy Fri 10-Nov-17 21:40:59

There is a boy in DS (yr) 2 class who is generally quite “mean” my DS has said this boy was mean to him in yr1 but he was never a full on bully more low level meanness

I have had the boy to our house( as at one point the mother was trying to encourage a friendship between the boys and I did a return play date) and he was very rude and I have heard of the boy being v mean to other children so my son is not in anyway being targeted and in fact I think my DS may be a bit more assertive than some others
in standing up to this boy

Anyway my DS was v silly and left trading cards in his coat pocket at school - entirely his own error of judgement which I have made him aware of - they disappeared almost certainly stolen - DS is convinced (rightly or wrongly) that this boy stole them particularly as said boy turned up next day with a specific card my son had an unusual card difficult to have just come across

Anyway my approach was going to be to gently approach the issue with class teacher and say there where some general issues between my DS and this boy and that that there has been the issue over the cards which obviously may or may not involve the boy but that my son definitely thought it did - so could she perhaps have a word with boys parents on the general issue and on the specific issue of the cards going missing perhaps could she talk to the class about keeping cards safe and how it’s wrong to take other people’s cards

We have v much backed off from having anything to do with the boy and in fact declined his b-day party as my DS just doesn’t like him

Any other suggestions ?

RainbowQuilter Wed 27-Dec-17 18:39:13

I don't have any other suggestions, but what you are doing sounds sensible.

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