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How would you deal with malicious behaviour?

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AMumma16 Mon 30-Oct-17 08:50:40

Hi I have posted here before about a school issue but something recent has dragged it up again.
I've stuck to the book regarding our bullying complaint as I went through a procedure and so haven't discussed the result openly - although let's say I was happy with the outcome.
But during that process the school invented some unfounded stories to try and (I guess) counter claim. Not only this - one of the safeguarding governors told people about our hearing and painted a bizarre picture of us as a family. Of which I'm still very unhappy about because it was then discussed with other people. None of it true. Damage limitation is probably their intention. Aren't they meant to remain impartial and confidential when it comes to children and safeguarding?

It has caused great stress but I still haven't spoken out about it.

The reality is that my child was bullied and let down. They lost my child's safeguarding confidential notes in public taken about the bullying (and didn't admit it for 8 months) and apart from the procedure we have kept quiet about it.

What would you do?

MummaDeeDee Tue 31-Oct-17 22:54:01

You need to go above the school. Either the LA or Ofsted. Its disgusting how the school have behaved. I’d also move my child. Good luck. Hope your DC is ok now.

AMumma16 Wed 01-Nov-17 18:08:41

Hi MummaDeeDee we did exactly that in the end. Ofsted did an inspection but it seems were bamboozled by the Governors who closed ranks with the School. The Council also managed to change the date of our Hearing until after the inspection. Coincidence? Hmmm.

At one point the school was haemorrhaging unhappy families who were going to other schools left right and centre but Ofsted still let it go. If only they had the seen the outcome of the Hearing - they might have thought twice.

It is a disgrace - how can you lose a child's safeguarding records and not admit it to the parents for ages, spread malicious made up gossip and be okay with that? I couldn't and wouldn't if kids (or anyone) was involved.

My child went to the school for a fresh start but we were never told that another child had left the school due to bullying by this same kid who preyed on our child almost immediately. We wouldn't have touched the place with a barge pole had they told us it might not be a suitable class for them to build up their confidence again.

My advice to anyone who has their child being bullied is to stand your ground, read up on all school policies and take witnesses to any meetings.

MummaDeeDee Wed 01-Nov-17 20:06:16

That’s awful. So much wrong being done. It amazes me how schools get away with it. School is about so much more than results yet this seems to be the only concern in some places. DD was badly bullied and the school were useless. I got her out in the end.
The timing of ofsted and your appeal is very convenient. I’m not a fan of ofsted tbh, I’m a strong believer that visits should be unannounced. Turn up and see what it’s like on a real day, not one that’s been planned to look picture perfect. What did they grade the school?
Totally agree with your comments, you need to make a fuss about it and just one witness can make the biggest difference.

AMumma16 Thu 02-Nov-17 09:09:56

Oh I completely agree. Why give warning?
Makes a mockery of it all - especially if there are issues that are not being dealt with.
It's not always easy to speak up. We were warned by a professional that the school would get defensive and try and turn things round - which they did but very badly and with conflicting stories. Embarrassing to be honest.
Will never regret it though as the child always comes first.
Well done you for putting your dd first too.

AMumma16 Sun 05-Nov-17 22:53:47

I'm bumping this thread because I'm interested to know whether others think it's acceptable that a school can lie about something really serious i.e. lose a child's personal notes and not admit it?
They've effectively got away with it but it still sits very uncomfortably with me.
No repercussions or anything.
We all make mistakes but to lie until forced to own up months and months later?

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