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PTSD in 6 yo

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Painfulpain Fri 20-Oct-17 09:47:01

So....this is what we are left with after a horrible time through reception and half of year 1. Physical attacks, verbal threats, sexual assault. Have moved schools, but any tips on helping Dd overcome this, very very much appreciated

Thanks and flowers for everyone dealing with bullying

RainbowQuilter Wed 27-Dec-17 18:47:19

I don't have any experience of that as a child, but I know counseling was really important for me dealing with that stuff as an adult. I would thing mostly making sure she feels can always tell you what is happening and what is wrong and that you want her to tell you. Having at least one solid supportive relationship is really helpful. Helping her feel safe around other people and children might well be baby steps and going slowly. Don't make her have hugs/touch ever even if it feels odd, leave that stuff up to her.

I have found this book very helpful and the dealing with flashbacks list at the bottom really useful. I think you would need to adapt it for her age, the full book has one in the back I think aimed at children instead, but I can't find that online.

xxemawhittyxx Mon 29-Jan-18 20:30:27

Virtual hugs!!
Never experienced anything like this the only person I’ve interacted with regarding a trauma or an experience in life that’s resulted in anything near this is my sister. She witnessed an event which ended up her hearing voices, seeing people, PTSD but no one would believe her when she went to the doctors. I piped up as usual and stuck my oar in as per. She got a diagnosis because I was right (it’s nice to be) and she was offered medication (was 17) and referred to councilling at CAHMS or however it’s spelt. All trained to deal with child and teens and a wide range of issues maybe that might be a road to go down?
I get where the person above is coming from you been her ultimate rock maybe you could say this is our special pen or an’s special maybe a teddy and if you leave it in a certain place it means you or them want to talk about something no tv on or anything just the 2 if you. Quite and peace to talk

I’d get yourself some help too. See if you can see someone that can give you help. But help to help your person 💜

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