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If another child cornered your DC and was punching and kicking them would you call the police?

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sandfort Thu 22-Jun-17 17:43:58

Background is DC (9) has a long history of suicidal thoughts and emotional/behavioural issues.

History of DV and EA from dad (now ex).

Been bullied at school. Recently had to call mental health crisis team out because he was repeatedly trying to get to kitchen knives saying he wanted to kill himself. He is under CAMHS. He said he was upset about the bullying.

School is dealing with school bullying.

I have been letting him go to a park across the road from our flat to play with friends. A short while ago he was over there and a 'friend' stole something of his, wouldn't give it back for ages, and after he finally did slapped dcs face (a friend of mine witnessed this). I decided to report to he police to give DC a clear message that this is not ok, he doesn't deserve it and also so that he doesn't think he can do it if others get away with it.

Today we've been at a different playground. I heard shouting and realised that DC was cornered on top of a piece of equipment by another boy who was punching and kicking him and DC was crying. I shouted to stop and ran over. Other boy did not stop right away. DC had red marks on chest and back - don't know if they'll bruise. It was pretty vicious and the other boy is in secondary.

So I have now set a precedent and have to also report this to the police don't I? I feel nervous of reprisals if I do, and feel like I won't be able to bring all my DC back to this playground that they love. Am I being a coward here? I'm aware that I tend to hang back from confrontation which is why I stayed with ex so long, and probably why DC is in the state he is in now. Is calling he police each and every time the best way to stand up to bullies?

MyCalmX Thu 22-Jun-17 17:49:07

That must have been horribe flowers

You really should call the police. Your ds was attacked.

The other child needs some consequences to his behaviour. Were the two incidents related?

I would enrol your ds in martial arts. My bil did it for same reason and he was a very calm and measured guy because he knew he could look after himself.

sandfort Thu 22-Jun-17 17:55:31

No, the two weren't related, just really unfortunate that two things have happened so close in time.

DC has very low self esteem. But will it make it worse to report it? Frankly I'm scared on DC behalf. We live in a bit of London where kids gets stabbed. I can't let DC out alone anymore can I?

MyCalmX Thu 22-Jun-17 18:17:20

I wouldn't let him out on his own while he appears to be a target, but that's just me.

I would also report. And I'd be all over rhe school to get them to sort the school bullying out asap.

SasBel Thu 22-Jun-17 18:22:10

Absolutely. Poor boy, sounds terrifying.

GreenTulips Sun 25-Jun-17 22:27:36

Did you report it Op?

Can you move?

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