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Bullying School in denial

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Sadmum001 Mon 19-Jun-17 18:33:48

My poor 11 year old as we speak has cried himself to sleep on this beautiful evening. He is at an Independent School and for the last year has been bullied consisting of name calling, making fun of him and his best friend who is a girl, it is the same threesome. There has also been cyber bullying by one of the trio. The school keep talking to the gang but say they have no evidence which is rubbish.

He has had several panic attacks and today his head of year came out and reported that he has threatened suicide. I have him down for counseling via our gp and the school have offered counseling but we will have to pay!

I have a meeting with the Head this week but feel completely out of my depth as I don't feel the school are taking it seriously and have even tried to push the blame on him. He legged it out of school last week and was punished severely as it was silly but just can't seem to grasp that his behaviour is down to anger and frustration.

I have hit a wall as I don't know what to do to take my beautiful ds pain away.

GreenTulips Wed 21-Jun-17 00:33:38

Get a copy of the complaints procedure - read it
Get a copy of the school behaviour policy - read it

List all examples of bullying
List all examples of crying bed wetting not eating not sleeping
Get witnesses names

Ask fine community police number
Ask for the Chair of governors email address

Ask a friend to attend the meeting with you

Email every comment complaint etc every single time it happens

Your child is reacting to provocation - he should not be punished for reacting to that provocation

Can he love class or school?

mumhelp2017 Wed 18-Oct-17 23:02:29


Here are two resource sites that could help you.

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