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Need some advice!

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kristine007 Mon 06-Feb-17 16:07:03

I will try to keep this brief.
In nursery my kid was a happy, sociable, balanced boy. During Reception his teacher was always telling him off in front of whole class, he was labeled as troublemaker, and every day she would complain about his behaviour in playground ( he always was lovely in classroom). His school thought involving a psychologist would be helpful - he ended up having 4 different psychologists -mainly saying that there is nothing wrong with my kid. However he already has been labeled as naughty and his classmates were blaming him for everything- even on days when he was not at school- his classmates would blame him for things.
As my DS was always getting in trouble and going to the office, it has become like a fun thing to achieve for his classmates- they wind him up and, when my DS snaps and slaps or pushes back - he gets reported to teacher and punished. Teachers are aware of this, however, not all of them are very helpful.
He now is in Y3 and his behaviour at home is changing- he has short fuse, has frequent tantrums (which he never had even as a toddler), is rude, aggressive etc. He claims he has some friends in his class, because he is a very sweet and funny boy, but often nobody would play with him and he would spend playtime crying.
Basically we have decided to take him out of that school. I am happy to homeschool until September ( or longer) and then send him to another school.
The problem is that he does not want to change schools or be homeschooled. However things can not stay as they are as I see my lovely boy becoming more miserable and unhappy by day.
Any advice?

Astro55 Mon 06-Feb-17 22:34:38

If you at are set on another school - then you have to dangle a carrot

Go and look around - maybe X school has a climbing frame or Y school has drama classes - you won't know what might catch his eye!!

I do wish schools would tackle the real issue in these cases - because some kids are sneaky!!!

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