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Need advice on son's bullying

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JulieHarrison Thu 27-Oct-16 23:47:48


My son was bullied horrifically in school by homophobic bullies. The school didn't seem to want to help and removed my son from classes because they were unable to stop the bullying. We had several meetings with the school over this but they weren't helpful. My son self harmed over this several times and CAMHS intervention was needed. At times, my son was reporting bullying on a daily basis with no punishment for the bullies. I did apply for a school transfer for my son, but the school blocked the transfer so he was unable to move schools. My son didn't receive any teaching for his GCSEs which meant his grades weren't as good as they should of been and he didn't get on the course he wanted in college. This has left him feeling miserable ever since and he beats himself up over not getting into the college he wanted to go to?

Is there anyway I can get the college to change their mind and let them him because it wasn't his fault that he wasn't allowed in his classes?

Thank you,

Astro55 Sat 29-Oct-16 00:48:02

Can you appeal to the LA?
Can CAMHS help?
Have you discussed it with them?

They may have alternative suggestions - like retakes in the essentials?

Could he redo some at night school?

Don't let them win!

Badbadbunny Sat 29-Oct-16 10:51:22

He needs to go to college to retake the GCSE's he needs, then he can do the college course he wants to do the year later.

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