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What information can you ask for from an Academy school?

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Ferrari2016 Mon 17-Oct-16 08:25:06

My DC attended a faith school which was an academy. He was badly bullied physically (bruised face, arms, legs, back; torn uniform, cuts) and verbally. After complaining to the school several times over two years and matters not being resolved we moved him to a new school. The school denied there was an issue and said we were only ones complaining. We have now heard that other parents also had the same issues with same children and also left the school. We don't know which children left though. We asked the school for DC's file, and after initial refusal we now have it. It does not mention at all any of the meetings we had or any details of internal investigations. From the file it appears nothing we reported was ever looked into, yet school tell us it was looked in to and nothing found. We want to understand what exactly happened to our DC. He is still suffering the effects of the bullying - nightmares, bed wetting, anxiety. We want to understand why the school are so reluctant to deal with this. I should say DC very young and we believe at least one of the children involved has behavioural difficulties but school also deny this. We have every sympathy for that child but could not let our child continue to suffer because school did not have resources or desire to assist that child.

What information can we ask for from school and any relevant law we could point to would help as school reluctant to give us anything. Data Protection Act doesn't appear to apply to academies.


Ferrari2016 Mon 17-Oct-16 09:57:45

Anyone? Bump.

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