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DC being 'pushed' by teacher? What to do?

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Gliff Fri 07-Oct-16 10:44:46

My DC has been labelled as a 'troublemaker', for eg calling out, not paying attention behaviours etc. I have had lots of discussions with the school about resolving this.

Recently, however, my DC has started complaining that they have been physically manhandled by the class teacher on a number of occasions eg pushed into their chair/out the door etc by the teacher. And not a gentle touch but roughly, with force. It is not only my DC complaining of this - I took home one of DC's friends yesterday, who showed me a 2 inch scratch on their arm, clearly fresh, that they claimed the teacher had done with her fingernail whilst pushing them. Both children claim that the teacher pushing them or manhandling has happened on a number of occasions.

I have already spoken to the teacher about this before, not in an accusatory way (as I couldn't believe that any teacher would actually manhandle kids like this) - just to point out that my DC was very sensitive to being touched unwantedly after being violently bullied repeatedly over the last year. Both times, the teacher said she'd avoid it in future. But it still appears to be going on.

It's possible the DCs are exaggerating. But I saw the scratch. And my DC is not the type to lie about this.

I'm not sure what to do - I've already tried talking nicely to the teacher, but it still seems to be ongoing. I'm not clear if the teacher is just losing her rag with the kids and pushing them (she seems to favour zero tolerance very hard discipline and is being a bit overwhelmed with attempting this in that classroom). I really can't believe that any calm teacher would think manhandling students roughly was normal or acceptable!

Should I speak to the head?

I fear that if it's the word of the teacher v the words of 2 DCs who are already labelled as 'naughty', they will be ignored. But my DC has already faced a year of being violently bullied by fellow pupils and I don't want them also to have to put up with it from teachers.

chocolateworshipper Sat 08-Oct-16 21:40:16

Absolutely definitely go to the Head. Can you the parent of the other child to also go to the Head?

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