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interacting with parents

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heartmummy72 Wed 03-Aug-16 11:21:52

The school has approached me over my 10 year-old DS who was crying constantly and being on the receiving end of shouting, put-downs and aggression from another boy he thought was his friend. My son said nothing to me except he didn't want to go on his regular after-school play dates in the local park while his mother and I chatted with coffee. We have become good friends since out sons started school. When the teacher first approached me I was standing next to this mother and she quizzed me immediately after I had the chat with the teacher in the playground with the teacher and marched off to into the school herself after quizzing me. She then said the whole thing was my fault as I should have told her it was happening and she would have stopped her son from doing it. She said as far as she was concerned her son didn't know what the school or I were talking about. I said I didn't want to discuss it with her as I felt it would get too emotional and we could leave it to the class teacher to help our boys sort out their differences. I also said we shouldn't let it affect out long term friendship. She has since stopped calling me, phoning and avoids me by walking off in other direction. This has made me very tearful and said since we were good friends. I feel anxiety in the pit of my stomach when I see her but it is unavoidable. Please help. My son has healed and forgotten about the nastiness. She hasn't once spoken to him or asked how he is doing. Please offer advice on cutting emotional ties.

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