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DS being hit by a child at nursery

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mrsm22 Fri 01-Jul-16 23:54:35


My child currently goes to a pre-school nursery where he will be starting the school this September. He has some lovely little friends he has made at nursery and has always loved going. My child is very confident an outgoing and a happy little boy. One day last week, DS told me that he didn't want to go to nursery the next day. I was a bit suprised as he normally can't wait to go, but as I knew his very close friend who also goes to nursery wth him was off poorly the previous day, I just put it down to this and thought he must be missing his friend.
Another day last week my DH picked DS up from nursery and when they were waking out of the building my DS pointed to another boy and said 'that's .... And he hits me'. (This was what my DS said to his dad and he said the boy's name). My DH didn't take much notice of this as I don't think he believed it. BUT tonight before bed, DS suddenly started tellingme about a boy who is always naughty at nursery and who hits him all the time on the head and even when my DS is drinking his juice. I asked if he had told a teacher to which he said he had but obviously it's still going on as my DS says he still hits him.

I decided to ring the mum of my DS's good friend at nursery and told her. She mentioned the boys name to her DS (but she just asked if there was a boy by that name at nursery) and she didn't ask if the boy was hitting my DS just to see what he said. Her DS confirmed that this particular boy always hits my DS and he even said that he tries to hide my DS so that the other boy can't get to him (very sweet that he would protect his friend at just four years old). I told my DS not to worry about this and that I will sort it out next week but he was asking me to not tell his teachers. I think he's scared that the boy will get into trouble.
So, obviously on Monday I will be speaking to one of the teachers in nursery but I am really very upset about this, as is my DH and I am wondering why this has not been stopped if the teachers know about it.
I feel happy knowing that my DS is at nursery having a nice time, he's not there to be bullied or pushed around by another child. I wondered, is it the correct thing to just speak to one of the staff in nursery about this or should I be going as well to the Head, or is that a bit extreme? And what should I expect the school to do about this? Surely his parents should be getting called in to discuss this.
Manu thanks for reading and any advice appreciated.

VioletBam Sat 02-Jul-16 10:49:07

Well it's possible the teachers don't know about it. You need firstly to speak to one of his teachers...not straight to the head. You save the head for more extreme situations or if you've tried to sort something out with teachers and they have not helped.

If you do tell the teacher what has happened, you need to be prepared for the fact that they will not tell you if the boy's parents are called in. They just won't. It's private information even though your son is affected.

You need to tell them...they may say something like "Oh we're sorry to hear that. We'll keep an eye out."

Which is all you can expect at this point. Also, tell DS he MUST tell the teacher if it happens again.

Unfortunately this is part and parcel of them going to school It happens sometimes.

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