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confidentiality at school

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dekkadavis28 Sun 15-May-16 01:07:39

Last Monday I attended my daughters school and made a complaint regarding her being bullied.. The head of year spoke to the girls concerned and then proceeded to show them what my daughter had wrote in her statement.Which as resulted in my daughter not wishing to return at all..can the staff really do this?

Tamarandave Sun 15-May-16 17:52:57

Most probably this is not acceptable at all.
For a definite answer, get hold of a copy of your schools anti-bullying code or charter or whatever they call it. That should contain something on confidentiality.
What this teacher has done, through enormous, indeed mendacious stupidity, has made the whole situation far worse and more traumatic for your dd. The teacher should have at very least obtained your daughters or your consent for her report to be shown. Yet I cannot think of scenario where this would be necessary.

Once you have satisfied yourself that even according to the schools own code, the teacher messed up, then its time to let rip. Go straight to the head with your complaint.

Also keep an eye on things with your daughter. Ask her frequently if other kids are being unkind or making her upset.

dekkadavis28 Mon 16-May-16 13:53:36

Thank u..I've been in again today and asked for relevant papers..also for a copy of her school records. I have been informed also that the head teacher as resigned vice principle will look into things x

CodyKing Mon 16-May-16 16:03:06

How old is your DD? How has her day been?

What would concern me is they are giving these girls the option of denying or altering their story - most teachers prize out information to see if the stories match and then re speak to DD

Very odd

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