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16 year old daughter taking GCSE's being bullied

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Burrluckk Mon 09-May-16 22:44:31

Hi anyone out there
I need some advice my DD 16 has had a horrific month at school due to her 3 closest friends turning on her which was instigated by one of them in particular. I could go on all night but long story short each of the bullying girls given a "contract" which stops them harassing my daughter but this hasn't stopped the vicious lies and gossip being spread about her such as a text from the worst girls mum telling me my DD takes drugs and messes around with random men which is not true. My DD a prefect and high achiever and popular with teachers and others. Others joining in now and final straw was her leavers assembly last week (she's still at school) where she was excluded by many people. As a last resort my DD studying at home and only going in for GSCEs, something I told the school today and there response was a meeting in 2,weeks time, literally that was it and this was a message left by someone in admin. I can't express how much my DD has gone downhill and I've never seen her so unhappy it's horrendous please help xx

VaVaVooom Mon 09-May-16 23:00:08

Oh that sounds awful. Have you tried contacting these girls parents? Or having a word yourself?

I have a ten year old in a similar situation.

Burrluckk Mon 09-May-16 23:04:26

Omg I wouldn't dare contact the parents shock the worst girls mum has been banned from the school for threatening a teacher as the teacher 'dared' to rollock her DD for a rude comment she made. They would make my DD life even more miserable X sorry to sound negative

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