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Sick of being bullied by other parents

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Ardha Wed 25-Nov-15 11:14:40

This all started some time ago.
Someone posted rumours on facebook, other people listened to whatever they had to say in private messages and it slowly emerged online that it was me they were all talking about. What they were saying was not true. My OH challenged one, who happened to live opposite us at the time and she edited her posts, or deleted them and blocked me from seeing her posts.
The next day my daughter brought home something which had been sent to me at school, I have a supervisory role at the school. When I saw what it was I called the police.
The police suggested I tell the school about it and they did send a letter home to all parents the next day, telling them that they should treat all members of school staff with respect and that the allegations made were false.
After that one parent posted a couple of comments on the facebook page I have for my business. I screenshot them, reported them to the police, deleted them and found a way to ban her from the page.
Since then a group of parents from my daughter's class have not spoken to me, they avoid me, walk around me as if I was a pile of shit etc.
It isn't everyone but, with another class assembly coming up I wish I could stop it all. I feel if I challenged one about her behaviour it might help but the opportunity hasn't arisen. The parents who are involved all have children in my DD's class.
I am so sick of this, I have done nothing wrong. However, it has shown me who my friends are and how two-faced the others are.

gamerchick Wed 25-Nov-15 11:21:34

What did they send you via your child?

MuttonWasAGoose Wed 25-Nov-15 11:26:24

That's awful. I'm really sorry. I can understand why you may not want to go into detail, but it could be helpful if we knew a bit more specifics.

Ardha Wed 25-Nov-15 11:48:08

If someone revealed that they knew what I had received then it would help me to identify the person who sent it.

The rumours amounted began when a teacher announced they were resigning, leaving at the end of the year. The allegations were that I had bullied them into this.

In truth, we made a complaint that school policies were not followed. This teacher was not singled out in the complaint, they had joint responsibility for ensuring policies were followed. Recommendations were made by the governing body, in response to the complaint, and I requested the meeting minutes to see when the recommendations were followed. They were not followed until the meeting where the teacher resigned.

A couple of other teachers announced they were leaving at the same time but the school did not give any reasons for their departure.

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