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Harrasment from a parent to a parent

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Starshine55 Thu 22-Oct-15 09:55:06

Hi, this is my first post as I need some advice on behalf of my SIL. Her son goes to primary school and she recently "made friends" with another parent from the same class. Initially this woman was very nice to my SIL and asked her if she could give her phone number so they could keep in contact and walk together to school etc.
Anyway, after a few weeks this messed up woman started accusing my SIL of sleeping with her boyfriend..and by the way she's a married woman she's having an affair.
She accused my SIL of hooking up with her bf. We don't know how he got my SILs phone number but maybe from the woman's mobile phone and are doubting he even exists. It's got to the point where she has openly called my SIL a B****...follows her around and copies everything she says to irritate her.
She's sent her threatening texts saying things like stop sleeping with my boyfriend...he's using you...and generally using abusive language on text.
My SIL is a gentle person and hates confrontation and all of this is getting to her emotionally. This woman is spreading rumours in the playground about her Aswell. She's basically bullying my SIL. I just wanted to know what my SIL should do because taking to the woman hasn't helped. Should she speak to the head teacher or go to the police??
Sorry for the long post but just needed some advice as to what other women would do in this situation. Thanks!

giddywithglee Thu 22-Oct-15 11:20:06

That sounds horrific!

I would report it to the police and let the head know it's happened. I would also try to find an ally or two in the playground - preferably someone who walks the same way to school, as the woman might be less likely to harass her when there are other parents about (and they would be witnesses to her behaviour otherwise).

I hope she resolves it soon.

popalot Thu 22-Oct-15 11:34:18

Police and definitely the school. The head might have had run ins with her and possibly her children are suffering from whatever mental health issue she has. This might be another piece of a puzzle they need.

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