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Year 4 Bully

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hayley25g Wed 09-Sep-15 10:58:39

Bit of a rant really, and probably going to end up a really long and jumbled so sorry in advance.

My 8 year old happy, bubbly, loving and kind DD hasbeen having some problems with a girl in her class for over a year. Constant little digs, name calling, exclusion that kind of thing. We have spoken to teachers about different things that have gone on and it seems to die down and then a couple of weeks later it will pick back up again.

My daughter went back to school last Wednesday and as soon as she walked in to breakfast club at 8.10am this girl started, making fun of her, laughing and whispering about her. I did the usual when I got home from work and asked her about school and her day and it broke my heart to hear on her first day back she was getting grief already. The girl is the 'ring leader' which is having a knock on effect with other children playing with my daughter and inlcluding her.

Basically its now escalated from the name calling to my daughter having her packed lunch thrown all over the floor and getting pushed in to the corner of a desk resulting in a big bruise on her hip.

I spoke to her teacher last week and on Monday phoned the head. The head has spoken to the girl and her mother who was incredibly supportive and didn't try and dismiss anything when the head told her what her daughter was doing.the girl admits everything but has 'no answer' as to why shes doing it. I have done a bit of digging and it appears that the little witch has bullied another little girl in their class so the teachers were already aware of her.

We have made the decision to move our DD and DS (year 1) to another school, we really don't think that the rows and the talks to the girl are going to make any difference to her at all.All the research I've done leads us back to the same thing 'it's better to do it too earl than too late'.
What makes us incredibly sad is that we feel we have no option to pull them out, why should my daughter go to school everyday and have to constantly worry about whats going to be done/said next. In the heads words 'we like to work on good behaviour and reward for that', rewarding the bully for good behaviour when she has been vile to my daughter who has always been a model pupil (and I promise thats not just me being biased) seems like a very poor fob off.

All in all I think we've made things incredibly easy for the school, we are removing our child that is getting bullied so they don't have to deal with the problem, But I am also sure that the girl will ove along to her next victim now ours is gone.

Lynnm63 Thu 10-Sep-15 00:10:08

Do you know the mother of the other bullied child? Perhaps if the two of you 'ganged' up on the school and made it clear you were taking it further they might sort the bully out. We had a problem with a horrible kid bullying one of my DC actually punched him into a wall hard enough for a teacher to come flying out of an adjoining room to investigate.
Bully was also sending inappropriate texts to girls in the class. I told deputy head if they didn't get it sorted I would write to every parent advising them to call police in if their girls were being sexually harassed. Bully moved school. Result.

Sallyhasleftthebuilding Thu 10-Sep-15 21:37:13

I totally understand what you are saying, and im a great believer that they will get what they deserve when they deserve it! It isnt fair that your DD has to move, (make sure LA are aware in writing why) however when she is happy in another school, it will be a distant memory.

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