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Film financed by anti bullying society.

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HappydaysArehere Fri 14-Aug-15 13:43:06

The film was made by my grandson and his partner on a limited budget paid for by an anti bullying society. It was made in three days using the interior of my daughters house, their old school and other sites. They are hoping to find enough money to make a feature film. It has been shown in 150 schools. I am not technical so not sure about how to supply link but it is on U Tube and lasts around 45 mins. It is called Will You Kill Me Now. There is a trailer but the whole film is on U Tube. I hope you find it interesting. It is aimed at teenagers.

TheHouseOnTheLane Sat 15-Aug-15 06:49:19

There you go. smile

I can't watch it right now but will do.

HappydaysArehere Sat 15-Aug-15 09:52:04

Thank you The HouseOnTheLane.

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