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Threats to stab my DD

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ticketyboo127 Thu 29-Jan-15 18:04:10

My DD currently attends high school year 10. When she first started there she made friends with a girl and things went well for a couple of years. However the girl and my DD made friends with a few more girls. All was going well until recently when my DD came home and told me that all of these girls self harm. My DD has come home a few times and tells me that these group of girls have said they don't like my DD. Two of the girls at different times have threatened to stab my DD and have told DD that they have scissors/knife in their pocket. I have asked my DD does she self harm to which she said no. I believe her. She has also told me she doesn't want to be with this group of girls as they make her feel depressed. During breaks she hangs around with others but during lesson time she can't avoid them. My fear is that one day these two girls might actually stab my DD. The school already have one of the girls on their radar but it doesn't help my fear for my DD safety.

chocoluvva Fri 30-Jan-15 13:06:46

How awful!

Carrying a knife is against the law. Possibly carrying scissors too,

I'm not sure what to do for the best - I'd be tempted to try to get my DC into a different school!

The obvious thing is to tell the school and hope that they will investigate and take the matter seriously. But perhaps you are worrying that this would annoy the girls with the result that they take out their anger on your DD? Perhaps the school could issue a blanket warning to all pupils that carrying scissors/knives is a criminal activity and that they will come down very heavily on anyone found with them.

I'd get your DD to make a note of dates/times etc of threats in case legal action is taken against them.

Hopefully someone else will come along with more/better advice for you.

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