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SEN son and harassment from classmates.

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Syntaxerror Tue 09-Dec-14 19:51:27

Right where to start. My son is 9yrs old, we are on his second school due to previous issues with bullying. His issues with his SEN are late development due to physical problems and most likely autism (awaiting a appointment for the assessment). He is also quiet to the point of not talking to anyone at school unless forced to including his teachers. A trio of lads in his class have latched on to this a tease him constantly, something I've only become aware of due to the fact they have started doing in when I drop off and collect him and my other child. My presence doesn't deter them one bit.

When I asked him about it today he says it's a daily thing in class and is really upsetting him, they are also teasing my younger son who has disabilities regarding his own physical abilities and toileting. This seems to have been happening since around Xmas last year.

We moved to this school due to it being small and recommended by parent partnership, I don't know where to start to help him, it's just a repeat of the last time.

Thanks if you got his far.

RobotRuthy Tue 09-Dec-14 20:01:45

Tell the school what is happening and they will act on it. They can't do anything if they don't know about it.

Contact the SENCo and ask for a named member of staff (a TA) that the two boys trust and can go to at ANY time to report when they are feeling unhappy. Ask school to organise a 'safe' place in school to distress.

Parent partnership should continue to advise/support you. Contact them if it doesn't work out with the school.

Syntaxerror Tue 09-Dec-14 20:30:32

Thanks robot, I guess the problem with the older one is he won't tell though, it's taken nearly a year for him to tell me. But I will speak to the head though.

RobotRuthy Tue 09-Dec-14 20:45:35

It's surprising how different they can be at school with regard to opening up. School staff are pretty experienced in getting them to open up about worries; they have many techniques. wink

Sorry...I meant de-stress...not distress in my first post blush

Good luck. Schools need to know about any anti-social behaviours so you will be doing both you and them a favour.

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