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Bullying at primary school

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Mygirl0606 Fri 21-Nov-14 13:10:21

Please help. My daughter has suffered at the hands of a bully for six years. I have been back and forth the school to try to stop it for a long time only to feel like an over protective mum. my daughter is a quiet child, she is kind and caring and it is breaking my heart to watch what is happening to her. The final straw came when certain children have started to use the bully as a weapon against my daughter, encouraging the bullying. She has become ostracised and has found that no-one wants to play with her as she is the main target and was even told that if you leave the the school bully will just bully another child. My daughter found herself in a place where she was standing up for herself when another bully child started the school and they have clubbed together to continue the bullying against my daughter. She has been physically manhandled, screamed in the face and stolen from and every child in the class has stuck by these bullies and also shouted at my daughter. We have tried so many ways to her her deal with this bullying but no matter what we try it doesn't work. The other night she cried herself to sleep in my arms, this is breaking my heart but I am trying to be strong for her. We are seriously considering moving her schools as we are concerned that if we do not move her she will be in comp with this bully and I think things will get a whole lot worse when the bully meets more like minded children and moving her (which i know will be tough) will give her a chance to make friends, re-build some confidence and self esteem before going to comp.

Your advise will be so much appreciated

ReggieJones Fri 21-Nov-14 13:26:42

So sorry to hear that this is happening to your daughter. It is very serious and completely unacceptable for her to be treated this way. Call this charities helpline or speak to them online. You need expert advice and support to protect your daughter from this. Hope it gets better

Mygirl2106 Sat 22-Nov-14 23:52:01

thank you very much for your advice, we have made the decision to move her to a new school to try and repair the damage that has been done. She is deeply affected by her experiences and we feel we have no choice. We were told by the school that this is putting her on a back step but we feel she already is, we are considering her future education. Thank you again, your words are very much appreciated.

ReggieJones Sun 23-Nov-14 11:22:01

That's ok. Hope this new start works out well will for your daughter. Remember theres lots of charities out there who can help you.

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