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Wits end with girl bully

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villarenter30 Mon 17-Nov-14 14:11:46

I am clutching at straws really because I think I am thinking I am blowing stuff out of proportion.....or am I ?? any comments appreciated.
My daughter has gone thro school with this particular girl from nursery - Her mother would organise birthday parties for her and not just the class was invited but the whole school - however when it came to her attending your parties, it just didn;t happen !!! My daughter used to come home in primary and tell me she would make faces at her and little snide remarks but nothing more - then one day my son opened the laptop and found some remarks on a group game several girls had been playing - she used language like I am going to kick you to the kerb, and make sure you are bottom of the chain, I am going to make your life hell - I told my son to discontinue my daughters membership of the game and delete everything - I realise now I was naive - a few months later I was in the house and as my husband runs a business we have an answer machine - little messages were being left at first and as my daughter was out I thought it maybe her wanting to be picked up but as I listened more - I clicked it was this girl leaving messages about my daughter, pretending to be a boys mother of all things and saying stuff about her (my daughter) !!! I rang the number back as I clicked it was her and he started panicing saying he was trying to get hold of her cousin and then her mother came on the phone saying she was going to give her a row - after this as our house phone recieves texts -she began sending texts !!! I sat there disgutsed and pondering how she could have got our number as we keep it ex directory and only certain people who phone my husband for the buiness have it - i then had a phone call off a so called friend of my daughters whose mother informed me that it was her daughter who had given the number to the bully and was dreadfully sorry -I informed my daughters primary school and the head actually said to me I am disappointed in (the bully) she's always such a good girl - it makes me look at her in a different light - I felt my daughter was inconsequential in all the head was saying - she just felt disappointed her prize pupil was not as nice as she thought !!
The children moved into the last year in primary and got put into the same class - there were two - I asked for them to be seperated the head refused saying she felt it had been dealt with. All thro the last year, the bully would make snide little remarks to my daughter and leave her last if giving books out etc drop her books on the floor etc - the bully had an injury and my daughter was chosen to be a scribe for her !!!!
A new girl came to the school and bully made a play for her, but he liked my daughter - new girls mother came up to me and said she didn't mean to embarass me or my daughter - i enquired as to what he meant - new girl had invited my daughter to a party - bully said to my daughter have u got this outfit to wear or these shoes - my daughter said no and bully said she could not come unless she had clothes like that - my daughter was too embarrassed to bring the invitation home - bully told new girls mother that my daughter was not going because of clothes issue - and new girls mother I think got wrong end of a twisted stick so as to speak
They move to the high school and bully keeps on with her little snide remarks and stares yet is a model pupil - she never makes a move unless she has someone to take a fall for her - my daughter goes to a party - bully was invited but didn't go - everyone at party knew bully was not attending even hosts mother so I found out later- but one party goer kept bringing up bullys name saying she wondered when she would arrive - she then turned to my daughter and began asking her questions about bully and saying what does she do to you I won't tell - all the while this party goer was texting answers to bully !!!! when i questioned hosts mother etc - he said she thought it was odd bullys name being mentioned cos everyone knew she wasn't attending !!! bully had new phone and gave old number to party goer doing the texting so the new phone could be left on table in front of bullys mother and doesn;t make a sound all night so bullys mother would naively deny everything - the party goer revealed all this when bully turned on her - I have told my daughter to be polite as they attend the same club together but i have said be polite and walk away - my daughter had a birthday party and she even invited her as she was inviting about 150 in her year - a few weeks ago my daughter was having a conversation with one her friends at the club and bully was stood there - my daughter exchanged a few pleasanteries with her and moved on - the next day bully comes up screaming at my daughter in the yard and saying she is two faced as he was talking to her and then staying stuff about her - bully had been told a fleeting comment my daughter had made about a group of girls - bully takess it upon herself that she is being talked about - she screamed you will take everything i dish out - bully then gets the girl who made the comment to come up and apologise to my daughter while bully stands behind - so again bully is vindicated and the fall guy takes the wrap i have contacted the school and they have heard what i have to say they want to hear her ide
and they say they think its best girls are kept apart - i have no problem with this but please somebody tell me - do you think they are dealing with it or just taking the easy way out ???

Patrickstarisabadbellend Mon 17-Nov-14 14:18:34

To be honest I think she needs a good smack in the mouth.

Obviously this won't happen so I would be on the phone to the head every time the little witch does anything. Make her life hell, see how she likes it.

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