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can anyone recommend books that help a 5 year old girl deal with being bullied?

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runmammarun Tue 12-Aug-14 00:55:45


Sarah121 Tue 12-Aug-14 01:41:38

Kung Fu for Beginners (?)

babyboo1and2 Tue 12-Aug-14 01:52:01

Stand Up for Yourself & Your Friends: Dealing with Bullies and...
Criswell, Patti Kelley
Sold by: Amazon EU S.a.r.L.

NessaYork Sat 15-Nov-14 13:42:36

Madonna's books "The English Roses" and "Mr Peabody's Apples". Both look at compassion, which is the antivenin to bullying.
I hope this helps.

whereismagic Thu 20-Nov-14 10:34:01

The unwritten rules of friendship. But it's for parents not children. Gives some ideas about activities for different types of children.

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