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Empowering my - workbook?

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FaceDirectionOfTravel Mon 20-Jan-14 18:43:04

My dd(7) has had ongoing issues with friends and I'd like a workbook for her on bulies, friends, and that area.

Just to rant, in Reception, it was one particular girl messing with her head (quite advanced manipulation tactics) and the school dealt with it reasonably well I thought (after a few meetings).

Y1 and Y2 it has been two other friends, a boy and a girl. They try to control her, try to prevent her playing with others, get angry when she doesn't do what they want, pull at her, today they sat on her even though she asked them to stop and more. She gets upset because she doesn't know how to please them. I have spoken to the teacher and will speak to him again after her latest stories.

I think that although their behaviour is unacceptable (and I am not victim blaming in any way), I think my daughter needs to learn to stand up for herself. We have spoken about this many times, getting her to think of options, role playing situations, making her say, 'No! Stop hurting me!' or 'I don't have to play with you, I can have other friends. We'll play another time.' She kind of gets it, but would prefer to distract or be funny to defuse the situation.

She keeps saying (since Reception) she doesn't like upsetting people, she just wants to be friends, she gets embarrassed at the idea of raising her voice in anger, she was in tears when I said we need to role play her shouting at them to stop. I am insisting that we don't let people people treat us unkindly, that if we would not do it to them, they should not do it to us, and that it is always okay to speak to an adult about it and play with other people.

She's had anxiety issues and bedtime worries in the past, and the workbooks by Dawn Huebner have helped so much. Does anyone have any recommendations in this area?

Thanks for reading this enormous post.

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