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7 year old being bullied

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rach2713 Tue 07-Jan-14 17:53:21

My 7 year old son says he being bullid by another kid in his class I've asked him if he is play fighting or if he is actually bulling him but he doesn't quite understand the difference he says he's told the teacher but the teacher shout s at my son for trying to tell them. How do I try help my lil boy to try understand the difference between actual bulling or just messing around

JeanSeberg Wed 08-Jan-14 11:23:56

Request a meeting with the teacher to find out what's actually going on. If you're not happy with the response, escalate to the head and then board of governors.

MrsLel Sat 12-Apr-14 04:04:49

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

SavoyCabbage Sat 12-Apr-14 06:18:20

My oldest dd was on the sensitive side and even now at 10 can find it hard to tell the difference between someone picking on her and someone having a different opinion to her.

I would go through one specific incident with him and get to the bottom of what was said. Then talk about what your son could have done differently. Such as tell a teacher, walk away, or say something.

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